Liminal space - Mindberg

Liminal Space: Embracing Life’s In-Between Moments

Liminal spaces are unique transitional periods where we find ourselves between two clear stages of life. Originating from the Latin word ‘limen’ meaning ‘threshold,’ these spaces represent the critical crossing-over points where we leave something behind yet have not fully…

The Mother Archetype - Mindberg

The Mother Archetype: Exploring the Depths of Nurturing Love

Let’s talk about parenting! Today, we’re digging into the idea of the mother archetype – a powerful symbol that’s shaped how we think for centuries. Later in this series, we’ll understand how the mother archetype affects our everyday lives through…

Burnout Dreams - Mindberg

The Burnout Dreams: How Dreams Alarm You

In this blog, you’ll learn how your unconscious psyche sends you symbolic messages through dreams, showing you’re experiencing burnout. When the unconscious is triggered, you’re in a delicate situation where you need help from the “wiser part of your psyche”…