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Here you can find examples, suggestions, and practical tools that stimulate your psychological growth. We will guide you on how to apply the newly acquired awareness about mental health in real-life situations.

Why are you here?

Because this is a space dedicated to your psychological wellbeing. The concepts that you will find here are essential for the comprehension of your psyche.

Applying them in your life will allow you to:

  • live more meaningfully
  • get to know yourself and others better
  • improve your work-life balance
  • increase success at work
  • efficiently handle daily challenges
  • be more satisfied with yourself

We combine principles and techniques of depth psychology, philosophy of life, executive coaching and present them clearly and practically.

You can efficiently utilize them in your daily life.


The tools we use when working on our clients’ psychological growth

Analytical Coaching

Executive coaching tools focus on practical results, while analytical psychology reveals unconscious background of human activity...

Jungian Analysis

Jungian analysis is a type of psychotherapy having its roots in the principles of the analytical psychology founded by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung...

Projective Tools

Projective tools serve as carriers for the unconscious content to reach the conscious level, so you can effectively deal with such content without identifying with it or attributing it to other people...


The principles that we apply in maintaining our clients’ wellbeing


Individuation is the process of integration of vital aspects of your unconscious psyche into your conscious life. Achieving it will bring you joy and a sense of fulfillment...


It is an acausal connecting principle that explains the relationship between phenomena that are not connected by a cause-and-effect link but by time and meaning...


Archetypes are collective creations present in the same form in all people...


Dreams are a psychic phenomenon, spontaneous products of a sleeping mind, meaningless and trivial only at first sight...


Our clients’ feedback

“I can highly recommend mindberg to anyone who would like to make real progress in their personal growth and become a better version of themselves.”

Marco, business owner

“The insights I gained through the mindberg methods were deep, accurate, to the right extent, and at the right time. Based on them, I made decisions that proved to be correct ones over time.”

Ivana, lawyer

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