Jungian Psychotherapy

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.”

Carl Jung

Jungian psychotherapy is a type of psychotherapy having its roots in the principles of analytical psychology founded by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung.

When should you decide to have Jungian psychotherapy?

In case you often feel psychological unease, would like to overcome the challenges thus created, if facing some unresolved issues from the past, or feel generally stuck in life.

The Jungian psychotherapy focuses on your psychological healing aiming to improve your mental and emotional health, and deals with the unresolved relationships and problems from the past.

By analyzing your dreams, fantasies, and projections, you will be working on the unconscious parts of your psyche, making them more balanced with your conscious mind.

You will discover the symbolic meaning of life events, improve your mental health, and alleviate your psychological distress.

You will also explore the collective wisdom of humanity manifested in stories from mythology, fairy tales, and various forms of art.

The goal is to draw lessons from the collective experience that are useful for your personal life story.

Once you elevate your personal experience to the collective level, you will understand that you are not alone in such experience. It has already been lived many times before. It is the collective knowledge at your disposal.

Searching for the symbolic meaning in numbers, interpreting dreams, and understanding the archetypal life patterns are vital aspects of exploring your unconscious psyche.

Your stress level will be reduced after recognizing the law of synchronicity and becoming aware of when and where it appears in your life.

You finally realize and accept the fact that you cannot have everything under your control.

You also realize that many events in life should not be understood literally.

There is a deeper meaning and a symbolic message, especially in challenging events, that would have otherwise been quite burdensome if understood literally.

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