The strategies we implement when working on our clients’ psychological growth

Mindberg - Analytical Coaching

Analytical Coaching

At Mindberg, we’ve pioneered a coaching approach that blends the results-oriented mindset of executive coaching with the transformative insights of analytical psychology. This unique synergy, Analytical Coaching©, offers powerful tools tailored for the business environment. While focused on practical outcomes,…

Mindberg - Jungian Psychotherapy

Jungian Therapy

Jungian analysis is a type of psychotherapy having its roots in the principles of the analytical psychology founded by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung...
Mindberg - Projective Tools

Projective Techniques

Projective techniques offer unique ways to bridge the gap between your conscious mind and the often-hidden depths of your unconscious. By working with these techniques, you can uncover deep feelings you might struggle to connect with directly or unconsciously project…