“All the most powerful ideas from history go back to archetypes.”

Carl Jung

Archetypes are collective creations present in the same form in all people.

They make up the inherited, general framework of an entire experience incorporated into your unconscious psyche in the form of innate patterns or schemes of thinking, feeling, and behavior.

Their primary function is to help you in challenging situations where you have no previous personal experience. 

For instance, when you face the themes of birth, death, mother, father, sexuality, power, illness…

Although you may not have previous experience with some of these themes, you unconsciously carry innate predispositions towards them that have been shaped by the generations of ancestral experience built up around them over centuries.

Archetypes are both positive and negative since they hold the most significant achievements of humanity and the greatest misdeeds humans have committed in their history.

Archetypal images come to you in dreams when you are at a turning point in life: starting education, separating from your parents, changing jobs, getting married or divorced, doing military service, or suffering from an illness – to help you deal more effectively with these challenges.

They are mainly activated when you have resistance or an ambivalent attitude towards these critical events.

If you pay attention to those “inherited predispositions in your psyche,” you can use their potential and apply it to your conscious life. That will give you the impression of handling life challenges more efficiently and having better control over your life

How can you use the archetypal potential?

By mapping your unconscious psyche to determine the most prevailing archetypes in your particular case.

By doing so, you will actually:

  • become aware of the impact they have on your life
  • navigate your life towards more favorable directions
  • trigger the psyche’s unconscious capacities towards self-healing and balancing

Based on our study of the human psyche and experiences from our analytical practice, we have detected five basic groups of archetypes. Those are:

  • Life archetypes that form the basis of your psyche and affect your value system, thought patterns, emotional reactions, and the decisions you make
  • Relationship archetypes that are discovering the deeper purpose of your relationships
  • Situational archetypes that are activated in concrete life circumstances giving you deeper insights and a broader picture of that particular situation
  • Yearly archetypes that on annual basis trigger specific experiences necessary for your individuation
  • Daily archetypes that underlie the opportunities and challenges you face every day

Our team has developed a user-friendly app designed as a psychological tool to assist our clients in identifying their archetypes.

By using the app, you’ll have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how these archetypes impact your life. Click here to access the app.

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