Owls in Dreams And How To Interpret It

Owls in dreams are excellent symbols full of deep sense on the grounds of Jungian psychotherapy. These birds are nocturnal and are usually associated with wisdom, mystery, and dimensions of reality hidden from the human eye.

This blog post will present five possible readings of dreaming about owls according to the Jungian approach, unlocking the enigmatic meaning of this highly potent dream symbol.

Interpretations of Owls in Dreams

1. Wisdom and Knowledge

This specific animal has been associated with wisdom in many cultures. Symbolically, seeing an owl in your dreams can indicate a search for knowledge or even gaining deeper insight into specific subjects.

It can also mean that the dreamer is accessing their inherent wisdom, or the dreamer may be in a phase of acquiring knowledge and intellectual growth.

2. Intuition and the Unconscious

Jungian-wise, a dream about an owl may represent both your intuition and your unconscious. It might indicate that you should pay more attention to your intuition and your unconscious is trying to make you aware of something important in your life that you are not seeing.

3. Transition and Change

Owls, as birds of the night, can symbolize times of transition and change or even the uncertainty of what is expected in an area you have not been to yet. To dream of an owl can mean that you are going through some changes or that there may be a makeover on the horizon for you.

4. Hidden Truths and Secrets

This can also imply that the owl symbolizes exposing some hidden truths and secrets. This bird’s ability to see in the dark must have been a sign to take a hard look at your inner situation or your personality.

5. Solitude and Inner Reflection

Owls are intrinsically very solitary, and to dream about one may symbolize a need for solitude and inner reflection on your part. It may refer to when you feel the urge to withdraw from the world to meditate or get in touch with the inner self.

Historical Perspective

Historically, owls have been both revered and feared, often depicted as bad omens or messengers from the spiritual realm. Their ability to see in darkness has given them a mystique touch and conception of being from another world.

In Jungian psychology, the owl can be looked upon as a symbol of shadow personality where, under the unconscious, different persons are lying hidden.


Dreaming of owls, with their multifaceted symbolism, can offer profound insights on sweeping the floor of your mind, revealing your quest towards wisdom, relation to intuition, and journey through change and self-discovery.

Understanding these dreams through the Jungian lens can shed light on your psyche’s deeper aspects and guide your personal growth. As for all dream symbols, the context, personal associations, and emotional state of the dreamer are essential to complete interpretation.

In exploring the fascinating connection between dreams and animals, we’ve only scratched the surface of this intriguing realm. Suppose you have dreamt about other animals, such as dogscatsbears, or spiders, and want to uncover the secret meaning of these symbols. In that case, you can read our other posts covering those topics.

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