What it Means when You Dream about Snakes?

The snake has been a powerful and often scary symbol within the idiom of dreams and holds an essential key within Jungian psychology and dream analysis. Those slithering creatures evoke fear, fascination, and curiosity.

In this blog post, we will explore five possible meanings of coming across snakes in dreams from a Jungian perspective and also dig into the historical background of this obscure symbol.

1. Transformation and Renewal

A good percentage of dreams with a snake in them often indicate a phase of transformation and renewal. The act of a snake shedding its skin can represent personal growth and the shedding of old habits or perspectives.

These dreams indicate a time of significant change, where you are letting go of old parts of yourself and embracing a new identity or a new chapter in life.

2. Medicine and Healing

In dreams, snakes may be potent symbols of health and medicine that recall the Rod of Asclepius. So, they can signify a need to focus on physical, emotional, or psychological healing.

Those dreams symbolize that you are healing or should be more attentive to your health.

3. Threat or Hidden Fear

Snakes can symbolize a threat or the hidden fear of waking life. It could symbolize something you are afraid of or a situation where you are not secure, thus making you feel anxious.

Such dreams can illustrate your deepest fears and the time to confront and face such concerns.

4. Primal Energy and Instinct

Regarding Jungian psychology, snakes could symbolize primal energy and instincts. And in dreams with snakes, you may feel emotional unrest or cope with your more instinctual nature.

They may represent your raw, unfiltered elements of the psyche and a need to recognize and integrate those aspects.

5. Knowledge and Wisdom

Snake dreams tend to be most intimately associated with knowledge; it may be a search for knowledge or understanding. Meeting a snake may imply gaining more profound insight, uncovering secrets, or becoming conscious of a crucial element in an individual’s life.

Such dreams can urge an individual to seek wisdom and the truth.

Historical Perspective

Some serpent legends define serpents as highly sacred, symbolizing wisdom, healing, and rebirth, while in many others, snakes are defined as dangerous beings or embodiments of evil.

In Jungian psychology, the snake often appears as a profound instinctual symbol of the forces operating in the psyche, promising healing and transformation while representing unacknowledged fears or threats.


Snake dreams are complicated dreams, providing us with extensive information about our subliminal mind. Be they pointers towards transformation, healing, fear, instinctual energy, or even wisdom, snake dreams bring humanity the ability to peer at its lower self.

Like all dream symbols, the interpretation of snake dreams requires a personal and nuanced approach to the dreamer, their emotion, experience, and the specificity of that dream.

In exploring the fascinating connection between dreams and animals, we’ve only scratched the surface of this intriguing realm. If you have dreamt about other animals, such as dogscatsbears, or owls, and want to uncover the secret meaning of these symbols you can read our other blog post.

Remember, these insights are just a glimpse into the vast world of dream meanings. Each dream is a unique journey, reflecting your personal story. Craving a deeper exploration?

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